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How & What we do


Our stylists will work closely with you to create a look that is both bespoke to you and considerate of your brief during consultation.  We take time to get to know you and your home, bringing out its finest features and showcasing your property.

We have many testimonies from clients of helping properties sell quicker and for more. If you are interested in any of our home staging services take a look at our portfolio and get in touch. 

We cant wait to hear from you.

Chanelle Knapp

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A little Message from Chanelle - Zest Home Staging
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A little Message from Chanelle - Zest Home Staging


Mission Statement:

Collaboratively working with sellers to achieve their highest sale price in the shortest time frame possible. We do this through the creation of beautiful and inspiring spaces, which helps buyers visualise themselves in their future homes.  

Why Home Stage?

  • We want your home to achieve the best price. 

  • Quicker Sale - Statistics show that staged properties spend 73% less time on the market

  • Helps Buyers Visualise themselves your property as their future home

  • First Impressions Count - buyers make a conscious decision about your home within 90 seconds of viewing it. 

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