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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

2 bedroom new build on a large development in the lovely market town of Leominster.

We were approached by the estate agent to stage this property, one of the first properties ready for marketing whilst this development was still being constructed.

After staging, this property sold for 99% of the asking price and only cost the developer 1.2% of the sale price of just one property in this large development.

Here is what our contact at the estate agent said about our service -

"We used Chanelle to stage a couple of our properties on a new development. They did a full stage and the attention to detail was amazing, she produced high quality photographs which really showcased the properties to their best. This saw an acceleration in sales as she turned a house into a home! As always her customer service was second to none. Thank you Chanelle and the team! We would highly recommend your services."

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