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Ruby Drive - Leominster

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

A four bedroom property on a small development in the sought after village of Pembridge.

This property was the last to sell, the developer had tried to market the property empty but it had not sold for some time.

We were instructed by the developer to stage this property, we are confident that staging helps potential buyers to visualise themselves in the home with their belongings far better than viewing empty rooms.

We are thrilled that a sale was secured for full asking price, within only a couple of weeks after staging.

This is what our developer had to say about our service:

"I have now used Zest for two of my developments and will continue to do so for my future sites. The company have far exceeded my expectations. 1) Quicker sale times - One of my properties in Herefordshire was sitting in the market for months. Shortly after exercising the Zest service, I secured a sale within a few weeks. - For my current development, I experienced a sale within the same week!! 2) Added Value - You will achieve a higher sale price without a doubt. The service practically pays for itself! 3) Customer Service - Chanelle and her team provide an exceptional service: trustworthy, punctual, and most importantly, they deliver results. I recommend this service!

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