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Rose Meadow - Marden

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

4 bedroom detached new build development in the village of Marden, Herefordshire.

We were excited when the were contacted by the estate agent to go meet these developers on their beautiful site in Marden. They had 4 properties already built, and two still in progress… We discussed the plan with the developers, and staged for them two weeks later. They accepted an offer on the show home only four days after staging, even before the launch day. One month later, and all the properties were sold.

The developer spent 1% of guide price of one of the properties on staging costs and accepted an offer of 98% of the guide price.

This is what our developers had to say about our service:

"We feel the stage was very valuable, we are in no doubt it helped us to sell the house. We had many positive comments about the stage. Thank you very much Chanelle and Team"

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