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Plot 1 & 2, Church Lane, Broadwas

Updated: Mar 18

Three uniquely designed, exclusive, new build development properties in Broadwas Worcester.

We received the initial enquiry in October 2020 from a developer who had never previously had property staged. At consultation the developer was considering staging all three properties. However we advised to stage only one property, believing that this would be a more cost effective option. We completed the initial stage in November 2020 and the property went live on the market early December 2020. We were thrilled when the first two properties sold within 3 weeks of going live on the market.

Even though this project had such a successful launch the feedback from the Estate Agent was that viewers were struggling to visualise themselves in the last remaining unstaged property. This property was a different design and size and viewers were unable to transfer what they saw in the initial plot into the rooms of the unstaged plot. The developer instructed us to complete a plot change into the final property and four days after the plot change was completed an offer was accepted. Truly proving Home Staging works as this entire development was sold 4 weeks after staging.

Staging costs were 1% of the guide price of one of the properties.

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