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Interior Design

Interior Design is a bespoke process that identifies your personal lifestyle ideals and needs, with the aim of creating a unique and individual space that encompasses all the qualities you desire in your home. 


At Zest Home Staging we appreciate that an Interior Design project for some, may be a little overwhelming, but our friendly team are experienced and highly motivated to provide excellent customer service to ensure an outstanding and timely outcome for you and your design. 


Our aim is to help you create a home where you are truly in love with the space you live in. 


Unlike Home Staging, where home interiors are dressed to impress and presented specifically for sale purposes, selling an example of a luxury lifestyle to potential buyers. Interior Design is personal, specific and unique to you, creating spaces that are designed to maximise your comfort, realise your vision for your home and fulfil your personal needs and requirements. 


Whether you are a Property Developer or Home Owners we are confident that together we can achieve every element of your design together. 


Ready to start your Interior Design journey?


Activity Barn - Hole in the wall


Church Lane -Broadwas


Harper Group - Lyonshall 

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