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Zest Home Staging is a fast growing, successful Home Staging Business, founded and established in January 2018 by Chanelle Knapp.

At Zest we aim to collaboratively work with sellers to achieve their highest sale price in the shortest time frame. Enabling buyers to visualise themselves in their future home, through the creation of beautiful and inspiring spaces.

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Owner of Zest Home Staging

Chanelle, founder of Zest Home Staging, formerly a Photographer, started Zest Home Staging in response to her experience with photographing empty properties for local estate agents.

Chanelle’s vision was to take the often empty house and transform it into a home that prospective buyers could imagine themselves living in, helping to showcase the property to its full potential. Chanelle has used her long standing love of creating beautiful homes to envision many Property Developers, Estate Agents and prospective buyers to help them visualise their homes at their most attractive. In addition to being a successful business woman, Chanelle is wife and Mum to three energetic children and loves to spend precious quality time with them all in their beautiful home in leafy Herefordshire. Chanelle has a huge heart, loves people and becomes energised around others, also values spending time sharing a coffee, a cheeky glass of wine and having a good natter. 

Project and Sales Executive


Karen is our wonderful all round hero. 

Her title doesn’t really do everything she does justice. 

She truly is good at everything she puts her hand to and works incredibly hard!

Karen is the ‘mum’ of our team that makes sure everyone is fed, watered and caffeinated when we are on an install. 

She looks after our lovely social media accounts and makes sure our storage units and office space are always in tip top shape. 

In addition to being incredibly creative, Karen is an organisation queen and always makes sure things are tidy and in it’s place. 

If you contact Zest, you will often find Karen on the other side of the phone or email with the warmest welcome and a heart to see your investment in us bring you the biggest return with the greatest customer service. 

Karen is an incredible wife and Mum to four wonderful grown up children and if you ever have her in your home, don’t be surprised if you find her playing trains with your kids on the carpet a few moments into being there.

Her love for people and children is just wonderfully infectious. 

She is the most caring and loyal friend, colleague and a true gift to everyone she meets. We just can not express just how grateful we are to have her as part of our team here at Zest and we can not wait for you to meet her.

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Creative Stylist

Ruth is our wonderful stylist who brings the extra beautiful touches to all we do. Ruth has an incredible eye for detail and can direct the ‘spirit level true’ hanging of beautiful items throughout each project, just at a glance! Ruth loves to bring the suggestion of a ‘moment’ using collections of beautiful pieces and placing them together in the perfect position to best be enjoyed by all who look upon them. Ruth is an incredible wife and Mum to two children. She has a love of nature, creativity, tea, fruit and nut chocolate and playing with her children. In addition, this wonderful lady is an Adult Mental Health Counsellor working for NHS Wales and in Private Practice. 
Ruth loves helping others to be free from their past and helping them to thrive in life. Ruth’s caring disposition runs through everything that she does in life and reflects all that we value and love about Zest Home Staging, helping others to best realise and appreciate the potential within their homes and lives. 


Creative Stylist

Tracey is another of our wonderful stylists who adds her amazing talent and eye for beautiful spaces to Team Zest. Tracey loves the process of transformation and takes huge delight in accomplishing the vision of each project. Tracey has a wonderful sense of humour and has the gift of turning a ‘frown upside down’ when you are in her company. Tracey’s positive, light

humoured outlook on life is infectious, making Tracey pure gold and a wonderful gift to us all. In addition Tracey is a wonderful wife and Mum to four children, together with her builder husband, the family have embarked on many home transformations, the most recent, converting a rather unloved two bedroomed barn into a beautiful 3 bedroomed home. There truly is no end to Tracey’s talent and we are blessed to have her as part of our Zest Family.

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