Our Work

Here is a selection of three different types of properties that we have recently staged with their success stories

Three Bedroom Occupied home - Gold Package

We had a Gold Package consultation, which is the free consultation and report (£250).

The home had been on the market and had very limited interest, with limited feedback, which left the vendors feeling frustrated, and worried that they would lose their dream home that they had started buying.

They were so excited to get their house ready for sale with the new-found information, that they got working on our suggestions the very evening that we sent the report.

We loved being kept up to date with photos as they were getting on with it.

They had three viewings on the Friday of that week, and in turn had THREE OFFERS.

They sold their home that day!!

Occupied four bedroom home - Gold turned into Platinum package

This lovely family contacted us before their home went on the market and wanted us to come help them declutter, and prepare the home for sale in order to generate maximum sale value. As they were moving abroad, they also needed a quick sale, and wanted maximum impact upon marketing the home for the first time.

We started off by giving them a free consultation, and then they received our detailed report that included all the steps that we suggested for them to follow, and also gave them the option of having us come in for one day to complete the home staging process.

We gave detailed advise on decluttering, placing some of their furniture into storage and a few small decorating tips.

We bought in soft furnishings, small pieces of furniture, pictures/mirrors (that the client rents from us for a period of three months). Also included in this Platinum package, is our professional photographs that enabled them to market the property straight away.

A home like the above example can cost between £500 and £2000, depending on the different aspects of the property.

This home sold for full asking price, after just one viewing, four days after going live!

Five bedroom empty property - Platinum package

This home had been on the market for 10 months, and had limited interest, and no offers. The vendors dropped the price by £25 000, and it was still sadly not selling.

The family had moved abroad and the home was completely empty. People viewing the home had trouble visualising what it could be and feel like as a home.

We staged this home for the vendors, using beautiful furnishings, and we even painted the kitchen cabinets and replaced the door handles.

Staging an empty property of this size could cost between £2 000 and £5 000, depending on various aspects of the property.

This house sold within two weeks of it going live after staging.