As a Hereford based home staging duo, We understand the importance of First impressions. 

It is the power of this initial judgement which dominates our decision making in our day-to-day lives, from choosing a friend or a car, to buying a house and there are numerous neuroscience and psychology studies to prove this (Mackie, Eliot R. Smith, Diane M. 2007). 

There is evidence to suggest that it only takes just one-tenth of a second for us to make a judgment or a first impression (Willis, J; Todorov, A. 2006).  Therefore, Zest Home Staging will strive to make that one-tenth of a second a positive one with a lasting impact.


Ruth, our creative producer can often be found with a (must be scorching) mug of tea, standing in her craft room. Ok, the word "room" maybe a little generous... Imagine more of a cupboard, with floor to ceiling shelves all laden with chunky Milner glass jars stuffed with colourful beads, fluffy pom poms, and pastel cotton reels. She really is very rock n roll!! Since finishing Art School 18 years ago, her passion for creating has not dulled. She loves the process of creativity from the initial spark of inspiration to the completion of a project and will try her hand at anything. Her craft cupboard also proves a wonderful spot to hide from her (ever watching) children and scoff a biscuit or two!!

When Ruth is not hiding in her craft cupboard eating biscuits, she loves enjoying the spectacular scenery of The Black Mountains, which surround her home. Whether it be trekking, canoeing, jumping off waterfalls or whatever, this adrenaline junkie loves it all. With a Degree in Psychology, she understands the impact our environments have on our general wellbeing, so making time for headspace, adventure & freedom is a priority.

As a qualified Counsellor, Ruth believes in the value of supporting each other through the ups and downs of life that we all face. She loves the idea of empowering others to take the next step in their journeys, whatever that maybe. If that doesn’t paint a full enough picture, she loves chocolate (sound familiar?), a thick sole slipper to stop the pain of treading on escaped Lego pieces …Oh and did we mention scorching cups of tea?!



Chanelle, the founder and Director of Zest, would love to live in a world full of beautiful cushions, knitted throws, scented candles, soft romantic lighting (she believes strongly, that strip lighting should be made illegal in all homes!) & all to be admired with a crisp white wine in hand!  Heavenly! She loves creating beautiful spaces wherever she goes...  In fact, she really can’t help herself… Even family mini-breaks in a campervan can’t escape from her Home Staging touch and putting her training to good use!

When she’s not Staging properties, Chanelle loves to host family and friends at her own home overlooking The River Wye in Hereford!  Sounds idyllic doesn’t it?  With her eye for detail, love of making people feel special, and not forgetting her 4 years Hospitality and Hotel Management training in Cape Town, it’s safe to say friends and family receive a 5 star service … and often don’t want to leave!

With 8 years as a Professional Photographer, she also loves the opportunity to capture precious moments of family life from behind the lens, whether that be her own children or other families.  Her ability to make anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera demonstrates her friendly, warm & very likeable nature.  If that doesn’t paint a full enough picture, she loves chocolate (any type will do), chicken cooked in her treasured ‘Actifry’, her handheld Dyson…